Light Up to Buck Up
It's a desk time balancer, stemming from psychological principles of motivation and improvement, inspired from natural light sources, designed for our current digital era in which increasingly more people spend long hours behind their desks for e-working, learning and more.

the lamp stays every at 30 degrees, and it can be rotated unlimitedly by the user’s hand, plus in each degree, it has different colors and intensity to help the user boost energy, do tasks and relax!
In upper degrees, it has high-intensity blue light to boost the user's energy level, it works like a cup of coffee, to get refreshed in the mornings and after lunch.
In lower degrees, it has low-intensity warm light to relax and decrease stress.
and simply, a task light at the 90 degree.

progress is made by doing something valuable regularly, for instance, learning something new which is ineffectual without continuity, therefore LUNAR is here to help to make a continuous task.
Accordingly, the lamp is accompanied with a refillable sphere which is called Aroma planet. It gets attached to the lamp by the user during the continous task such as learning somthing, The released smell by aroma planet can make an anchor in the user's mind and cause a better focus and a stronger learning habit.
The lamp has also a moon mode, which displays continuity. It is a physical report of the user's behavior during the process. The moon mode has 14 phases in brightness. By every attachment of the aroma planet, one phase gets added to the moon. Hence a complete moon means that constant learning is done by the user for at least 14 days. To sum up, the more continuous learning, the more complete the moon is shaped

Dutch Design Week 2019 at TAC

Designer Zahra Ghiasi
Project Birth Spring 2019