loight story

your personal light

The Loight is a rechargeable light for use around home
Designed for making a habit of power saving ,the user carries their Loight everywhere,Each Loight has its own charging station in home entrance, turning off while it’s connected, and turning back on once it detaches,user take it when come home and carry it all over house for using it in different positions in different loights hangers, also thay can adjust the intensity of light for different situations.
it can combine multiple units for family eareas like the dinner table and make bright experiences of family gatherings . Inspired by the light-efficient use of lanterns.
in this modern life whene most of us are awake at night and do not have enough sleep every day then so we are tired at days! loight force you to sleep and feel nights ! every loight has a limited charg and user must use it in the best way. every family member have a own light that have different color from others.
the Loight provides individual lighting conditions, while minimising wasted energy.

undeveloped countries
i think loight can make life esear for undevelpment countries too.
there,they can attach their light to a solar charging station in center of cities in morning and take them back in night for using it .

for example in a cafe.
loights are beside Entrance every loight is for a certain table and the costomers by seeing available loights they can find out wich table is empety Customers also carry the loight lamp to there desk bet themselves.


mahdi yavari